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Message from FOUNDER
"Piracy concerns drive our clients. Our challenge is to offer top-notch protection with maximum results for minimum expense"
J. Kamatakis
LaserLock DVD-Video

LaserLock's new DVD Protection stops both PC ripping and disc-to-disc copying. It is easy to apply and is highly cost-effective, putting you in control of your revenues.

Careless has no Place in business...
Protect what belongs to you!


LaserLock AudioSecure receives a warm welcome from artists
"...I had the chance to listen to Laserlock AudioSecure. It was a pleasure to find that the sound quality was not affected at all and remained original..." says Mr Mimis Plessas, the famous composer.

+ Protect your application on any CD-R
+ New LaserLock Marathon v. 7.1.51 released
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